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Jesus del Valle Mas

Puerto Rico Community Network for Clinical Research on AIDS (PR CoNCRA)
Management Information Director
Puerto Rico
I am a CAREWare consultant in PR.
Consultant as a Primary Health Care Specialist to provide assistance to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Bureau of Primary Health Care (BPHC). Site Visits for Administrative, Data Reporting (CAREWare), Clinical Quality, Management and Proposals.

In PR CoNCRA, as Management Information Systems Director (MIS), I am responsible for the analysis and evaluation of the centralized data of all programs within the organization, oversee the quality assurance efforts and monitors the performance measures of clinical, administrative and fiscal indicators, to evaluate compliance and the projects' accomplishments. I keep data updated and statistical information for the youth initiative program, as well as of all other programs. Enters and analyzes the data in the HIVQual and assists in the monitoring of clinical objectives for the young clientele. I am responsible of establish all policies and procedures related to information management, use, and the preparation of all statistical reports, to maintain the correspondent amounts per service category in the allocation report and the services provided in CAREWare, also is responsible of the reports to key staff regarding all procedures related to their areas.