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Tuesday, November 27

10:15am EST

A-01 - Cancelled Washington 1 A-04 - Guidance to Using your EHR to Satisfy Reporting Requirements (CE) Washington 4 A-06 - Coordinating Data Movement into CAREWare: Experience From the Front Lines (CE) Washington 6 A-07 - Monitoring What Matters Institute: Developing a Quality Management Program in the NY EMA: 101 session (CE) Delaware A A-08 - Improving the Quality and Effectiveness of Medical Case Management (MCM) (CE) Delaware B A-09 - The Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Guidance: A Model of Care Delivery for People Living With HIV (CE) Maryland A A-10 - Guidance to Achieve NCQA Patient Centered Medical Home Recognition (CE) Maryland B A-12 - HIV Integration 101: Driving Increased Access to Advance the National HIV/AIDS Strategy Virginia A A-13 - Impact of DC Cross-Part Collaborative on DC ADAP Client Enrollment Process Virginia B A-15 - It Takes One to Help One: The Role of Peer Navigation in Early Intervention Services Madison A A-16 - Reducing Hospital Readmissions: Methods, Process Evaluation, and Preliminary Outcomes Madison B A-18 - Early Intervention Services Guidance: Two Unique Models, Two Success Stories (CE) Coolidge A-20 - Web and Social Media Institute 101: Jumpstart the Conversation Wilson A A-22 - Guidance to Developing Collaborations with Federally Qualified Health Centers (CE) Wilson C A-24 - Guidance to Integrate Evaluation Into Programming Using Technology: Let Mobileweb and ARS Do the Work for You (CE) Nathan Hale A-25 - Creating a Culture of Competency: Challenges and Application of Cultural Competency Standards Ethan Allen A-26 - Defining, Extracting, and Using HIVQual and Meaningful Use in a Patient Centered Medical Home (CE) Thomas Paine A-29 - HAB Grantee Satisfaction Survey – Results and Response Buchanan

1:30pm EST

B-01 - Guidance Using Online Evidence Based Needs Assessments to Plan, Fund, and Actualize Care and Prevention Services (CE) Washington 1 B-04 - Technical Assistance for Data Collection and Data Management for the RSR: The New York State Experience Washington 4 B-06 - Ryan White Program Data Technical Assistance: A View From the Unduplicated Window (CE) Washington 6 B-09 - The Patient Centered Medical Home Guidance: Lessons from Ryan White Grantees: 201 Session (CE) Maryland A B-10 - AETC Telehealth Training Program: Advancing training through Telehealth Technology (CE) Maryland B B-12 - HIV Integration 201: Driving Models for HIV Quality Care to Advance the National HIV/AIDS Strategy Virginia A B-13 - Using and Monitoring Data to Improve Client Care (CE) Virginia B B-14 - Readiness Technical Assistance for Health Insurance Participation by Ryan White Program Providers: The Time is Now! (CE) Virginia C B-15 - Pilot testing a Spanish Patient Portal for Online Access to Electronic Health Records (CE) Madison A B-16 - PCIP – Jumping into the High-Risk Pool (CE) Madison B B-18 - Oversight of the 12 Cities Project: How Coordination and Integration are Changing How We Fight HIV/AIDS (CE) Coolidge B-20 - Web and Social Media Institute 201: Maximizing Your Impact Wilson A B-24 - Guidance to Using the Peer Educator in Response to the National AIDS Strategy (CE) Nathan Hale B-26 - Trilogy: Three Initiatives Working Together For Access to the HIV Continuum Thomas Paine B-31 - Developing Cross Title Regional Collaboratives: Lessons Learned Jefferson B-32 - Growing Your Ryan White Family Johnson B-35 - Assessing the Potential Impact of the Affordable Care Act on the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program: Challenges, Opportunities, and Recommendations for Action (CE) Thurgood Marshall East

3:30pm EST

Wednesday, November 28

10:00am EST

D-01 - Ryan White Part B Services Post Healthcare Reform – One State’s Experience Washington 1 D-03 - Technical Assistance Coordinating Care Across Funded Providers to Support Retenion in Care: The In+Care Campaign in RI Washington 3 D-04 - Results From the SPNS Information Technology Networks of Care Initiative Taft D-06 - Technical Assistance to Integrating Health Information Technology into your Quality Improvement Program (CE) Washington 6 D-07 - Monitoring What Matters Institute: 201/301 (CE) Delaware A D-09 - The Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Guidance: How Will We Know When We Get There? – 301 Session (CE) Maryland A D-10 - Monitoring the Intersection Between ADAP and PAPs in Addressing Unmet Treatment Needs of People Living With HIV (CE) Maryland B D-11 - What Does It Take to Become an FQHC? Maryland C D-12 - HIV Integration 301: Sustaining Access, Quality, and Equity to Advance the National HIV/AIDS Strategy Virginia A D-14 - Introduction to Quality: Session 101: Quality Improvement 101 and Ryan White Legislative Requirements for Quality Management: I Am New to Quality Improvement – Where Do I Start? Virginia C D-15 - EvaIuating and Monitoring the Impact of Medical Case Management Guidelines on HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment (CE) Thurgood Marshall East D-16 - Guidance for Effective Coordination of Care Across Settings for the Criminally Involved Living with HIV/AIDS: Integrated Services for Successful Reentry (CE) Madison B D-20 - Web and Social Media Institute 301: Measuring Value. Wilson A D-23 - Guidance to Creating a Culture for Quality: 101 Session: Supporting and Sustaining A Quality Management Program McKinley D-24 - Improving Access to HIV Care Under Health Care Reform (CE) Nathan Hale D-25 - CANCELLED Ethan Allen D-26 - Planning for Changes in the Continuum of Care Thomas Paine D-32 - HIV Patient Centered Medical Home Construction: A Multi-Site Experience (CE) Johnson D-33 - Guidance to Utilizing Social Marketing Approaches to Align With the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (CE) Jackson D-34 - Guidance to Using Fotonovelas as a Health Literacy Tool to Educate Latinas on HIV/AIDS Tyler

3:30pm EST

Thursday, November 29

8:00am EST

10:00am EST

G-01 - The Quest to Test: How to Implement HIV Testing in Your Facility: A Multidisciplinary Team Approach Washington 1 G-04 - Guidance in Improving RSR Quality using CAREWare Washington 4 G-05 - Enhancing Access to Oral Health Care Through: Education, Collaboration, and Advocacy (CE) Washington 5 G-06 - Effective Strategies for Conducting and Monitoring Eligibility Determination (ED) (CE) Washington 6 G-07 - Guidance to Creating a Culture for Quality: Session 301: Improve your Care and Services with Consumer Input and Participation Delaware A G-10 - The Seven Elements of Effective Compliance Programs (CE) Maryland B G-13 - Becoming a Federally Qualified Health Center Virginia B G-14 - Evaluating a Ryan White Quality Management Program Using Quantitative and Qualitative Methods Virginia C G-15 - Linkage to HIV Primary Care: Guidance in Coordinating the Pieces (CE) Madison A G-17 - Monitoring RSR Data Quality - 301 (CE) Hoover G-18 - Guidance to Integrating Affordable Care Act, National HIV/AIDS Strategy, and Ryan White Coolidge G-19 - EHB 201: Submitting Applications and Reports & Troubleshooting in EHB Harding G-22 - The Magic of MAPP: A Fresh Framework to Guide Comprehensive Planning Wilson C G-30 - Homelessness and Access to Care: Models for Integration of Ryan White and HOPWA Resources Taft G-32 - Using the Collaborative Model to Forge a Statewide Consensus on Linkage and Retention Interventions Johnson G-33 - Measuring Client Satisfaction: Working Together to Standardize and Centralize the EMA Survey Process Jackson G-35 - The Affordable Care Act: Preparing Part B and ADAPs for Implementation Thurgood Marshall West
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