Antigone Dempsey

Altarum Institute
Deputy Director, HIV/AIDS
Ms. Dempsey has 20 years of experience in HIV/AIDS and addictions program management; organizational leadership; expert facilitation; and training and strategic technical assistance (TA) through collaboration with recipients of TA. She also has ground level expertise in providing HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment programming services. Ms. Dempsey’s experience includes leading a Community Based Organization (CBO) providing psycho-social support services for young people living with HIV/AIDS, many of whom have co-occurring health conditions; working for the HRSA’s HIV/AIDS Bureau as a public health analyst; and leading a national non-profit organization providing TA to over 100 CBOs annually on HIV testing, linkages to care and linkages with the healthcare system. A member of CHAC since 2008, she provides invaluable leadership as Co-Chair of the committee.