Fuwei Guo

Virginia Commonwealth University
Program Coordinator/Data System Manager
Mr. Fuwei Guo has master degree in Public Health from University of South Florida School of Public Health. Starting from Jan 01, 2010, Mr. Guo started to work for the Virginia Commonwealth University Part C EIS Program on Quality Management Program, data system management and program coordination funded by the HRSA Part C Program. VCU HIV/AIDS Center is the Ryan White Part B and SPNS Retentions in Care providers, Part C, D and F SPNS IT Capacity Building grantees, Part F AETC Local Performance Site. As the Data System Manager for Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) HIV/AIDS Center Part C EIS Program, Mr. Guo has successfully leaded the VCU Part C program and its four Part C funded clinics upgrading its data system into CAREWare data system funded by the HRSA SPNS IT Capacity Building grant. Policies and procedures were setup to ensure high quality RSR to HRSA. Mr. Guo is currently assisting the sister RY Part B and D program with their CAREWare upgrading.

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, November 29

10:00am EST