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Thursday, November 29

8:00am EST

A-27 (Repeated) - Bone Health in the HIV Infected: Are We Missing Opportunities to Intervene? Washington 2 F-01 - Financial Monitoring Institute for Ryan White Part A and Part B: Session 3 (CE) Washington 1 F-03 - Achieving Health, Housing, and Employment Outcomes for PLWHA Through Cross-System Coordination: 201 Washington 3 F-04 - Enrollment and Eligibility: Guidance to Manage the Patient Sliding Fee Scale and Cap on Charges (CE) Washington 4 F-05 - Linking CAREWare to the world of HIV/AIDS surveillance (CE) Washington 5 F-06 - Making QM Relevant Washington 6 F-07 - Guidance to Creating a Culture for Quality: Session 201: How to Work with your Subcontractors on Quality Management Delaware A F-08 - Promoting Consumer Access to the EMR to improve Quality of Care and Data Reporting Delaware B F-09 - Using Evaluation to Optimize the Responsiveness of HIV Clinical Training and Capacity-Building Maryland A F-10 - The Ryan White Program and Health Care Reform Maryland B F-11 - Establishing an HIV Services Internet Portal to Enhance Access and Retention in Care Maryland C F-12 - Using Your RSR Data to Assess and Improve Released HIV-Positive Prisoners’ Linkage to Ryan White HIV Virginia A F-13 - HIV Nutrition Institute: 301 Session: Measuring Nutrition Care Improvements and Health Outcomes Virginia B F-14 - Introduction to Quality: Session 301: Building a Sound Quality Management Infrastructure – How to Manage the Quality Management Committee and Write Effective Quality Management Plans Virginia C F-15 - Increasing HIV Testing: Overcoming Stigmas and Building Allies (CE) Madison A F-16 - Rapid HIV Testing of Partners: From Bench to Bedside Madison B F-17 - Monitoring RSR Data Quality - 201 (CE) Hoover F-18 - Oversight of a Patient Centered Infrastructure To Continuously Improve Patient Retention and Viral Load Coolidge F-19 - EHB 101: Overview of New Components: How to Register and Navigate in EHB Harding F-20 - Enhancing and Expanding HIV Care Through Comprehensive Telehealth Model of Care Wilson A F-21 - Beyond the Yellow Brick Road: Incorporating HCV into the Ryan White Model Wilson B F-22 - HIV Clinician Workforce: Is There Enough Capacity to Meet the Future Demand for Care? Wilson C F-23 - Expanding HIV Training into Graduate Medical Education McKinley F-24 - Guidance for HCV/HIV Co-Infection Programs Nathan Hale F-25 - More Money, More Problems: What to Know About Cost Allocation and Program Income Ethan Allen F-26 - Technical Assistance for the ADAP Data Report Thomas Paine F-30 - EIS Summit: How to develop, replicate and refine an Emerging Service Category Taft F-31 - Tiered Case Management Model in a Scattered Site Housing Program (CE) Jefferson F-32 - HOPWA 101 and Impacts on RW Programs Johnson F-33 - Monitoring Ryan White Services Through Annual Evaluation of the Comprehensive Strategic Plan (CE) Jackson F-34 - Integrating Information Systems to Link and Coordinate Clinical, Support, and Housing Services Tyler
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